Paraplegic Man Faces 10-Years for Beating Guy Who Molested his Granddaughter

File this one under “Never In a Million Years Actually Going to Court.”

After suffering a severe injury in a car accident ten years ago, Frank Hebert is now confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life without the use of his legs. But when he found out that 27-year old Joshua A. Hardy had allegedly molested the young girl Hebert raised as his own granddaughter he knew what he had to do.

Given his limited mobility he summoned Hardy to his computer sales shop where he tried to place Hardy under citizens arrest. When Hardy tried to flee the scene, Hebert incapacitated him with a baseball bat and now District Attorney Michael O’Keefe wants to put Hebert up on charges for which the 57-year old could be facing up to ten years in lockup!

Hardy is now in custody with $125k bail and also facing charges of molesting another child. But what of Hebert? Why waste the people’s money even bothering to prosecute him? This is never going to go in front of a jury. I mean, why would it? Can you imagine trying to convict this guy? Just try and find a jury that somehow hates elderly grandpas and sympathizes with child molesters. Nevertheless, DA O’Keefe insists on pressing forward saying, “It’s a case that will take place in court and that will be the appropriate time for public comment.”

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