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Court reporting and stenography has evolved from simple dictation to a technically savvy, complex profession that requires more than just typing skills. Today’s court reporters work hard to develop the specialized skills they use for shorthand stenography, electronic dictation and real-time translation. The right training program can give you the skills you need to excel in this rapidly advancing career.

Court Reporting Schools is an online resource for court reporting students, professionals and student candidates. Those interested in finding court reporter training can easily locate schools by zip, or by using our school map to see what schools are in your state. You can also browse the site for current information on the court reporting industry, such as salary figures, job descriptions and course content. Be sure to check out our list of popular court reporting schools to see what those programs have to offer.

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Court Reporting schools

Many court reporting schools offer a unique approach that is directly applicable to this highly specialized field, while others include it among a host of other career-oriented classes. This is not to say one style is inherently inferior to another, but it definitely pays to keep track of what your school does to provide you with a valuable, respectable court reporter education.

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Court Reporting schools

Browse our catalogue of articles on Court Reporter careers and education to get a better idea of what this exciting and rewarding field holds for you. In this section: Learn about the work environment and professional profile of a court reporter, and decide if this is the right field for you.

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Court Reporting schools

The legal field is broad and upward-mobile, and a career in Court Reporting can be your starting point or your ultimate goal.
Besides the courtroom, there are also many other career areas open to trained Court Reporters. Fields like live television, translation and assistance for the hearing impaired are popular directions as well.In this section: Here you can find a broad array of career directions for professional court reporters, from live courtroom transcription to Web-based communications.

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