16 Outrageous Courtroom Moments Caught on Tape

Ah, courtrooms. The last bastion of civility, decorum and justice for all…Or maybe that’s just Judge Judy. As these videos vividly show, in real life, the courtroom is a pressure cooker of anger, fear, tension and just a touch of … Continue reading

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20 Awesomely Bad Local Lawyer TV Commercials

Lawyers aren’t generally known for great taste or tact, so it’s not surprising that TV commercials for their services can be embarrassingly bad and downright sleazy. Here are some of the worst.

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Least Intimidating Celebrity Mugshots

Not everyone who goes to jail is a hardened convict, especially when they’re celebrities…and especially when they’re these celebrities in particular. It’s safe to say these stars didn’t exactly instill fear in their cellmates when they were booked.

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The Craziest Doomsday Predictions That Never Happened

Have you heard? May 21, 2011 marks the end of the world as we know it! But I, for one, feel fine. That’s because, as these examples show, we’ve heard it all (and more) before, and all such prophecies so … Continue reading

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Judges Gone Wild! 14 Weird and Unusual Criminal Sentences

If you hang around courts long enough, regardless of which side of the law you’re on (ahem), you’re bound to see some crazy things. Usually, the craziness comes from the litigants in the court cases, but sometimes judges lend their … Continue reading

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The True Stories Behind 8 Famous Courtroom Movies

Courtroom dramas are a staple of Hollywood moviemaking, but not surprisingly, the true stories behind the films are usually not as glamorous as their big-screen adaptations. Here are some famous examples.

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20 “Trials of the Century” of the 20th Century

During the 20th century, a so-called “trial of the century” occurred every few years, fueled by media sensationalism and a public thirst for juicy gossip, celebrity lifestyles or good old-fashioned revenge. Here are 20 trials that have, at one time … Continue reading

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Court Testimonies No One Saw Coming

These actual courtroom testimonies were recorded by court reporters who probably had to work while trying keep a straight face. Rules are Rules Judge: You may call your next witness. Defense Attorney: Your Honor, at this time I would like … Continue reading

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Homer Simpson on Trial: The Many Crimes of Homer Simpson

Homer Simpson might very well be the biggest criminal in television history. In his 20-plus years on the TV show The Simpsons, the well-meaning but dim-witted father of three has committed a wide range of crimes and infractions, from ticket-worthy … Continue reading

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