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Certified Legal Video Specialist

A Legal Videographer produces legal video and is also known as Forensic Videographer, Court Videographer, or Video Court Reporter. They produce Legal Video, Forensic Video,  Courtroom Video or Visual Evidence. The process is known as Legal Videography, Court Videography, Or Forensic Videography

Legal Video is now being used for: Video Depositions, Settlement Documentaries, Day-In-The-Life Documentaries, Video Wills, Proof Of Damages, Mock Trials, Evidence Of Insurance Fraud, Pre-Construction Video Surveys, Scenes of Incidents, Courtroom Presentations, Video taping Construction Draws, Other Legal Videos and Much Much More!

Due to the wide variety of duties fulfilled by specialists, there are a variety of certifications one can attain:

Certified Deposition Video Specialist (CDVS)

These individuals are qualified to do video depositions.

Certified Video Documentary Specialist (CVDS)

These individuals are qualified to prepare video documents called “Settlement Documentaries” used to settle a case out of court.

Certified Court Video Specialist (CCVS)

These individuals are qualified to do both video depositions and settlement documentaries.

Certified Visual Presentation Specialist (CVPS)

These individuals are qualified to do video synchronization, computer generated Crime Scene reconstruction and show video evidence in the court room.

Certified Legal Video Instructor (CVLI)

These individuals are qualified to instruct and validate others as a CDVS, CVDS, or a CVPS.

Certified Senior Court Videographer (CSCV)

These individuals who have been an AGCV member for five years, have served the legal video profession with distinction, and holds the CCVS certification.

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