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Court Reporting

This is the job most people think of when they envision court reporting.

Judicial court reporters work in courtrooms during trials and other courtroom proceedings, where they convert the words spoken by attorneys, judges and witnesses into text for use by the courts. Judicial court reporters may also provide real-time captioning in the courtroom to allow participants to immediately read on a monitor what is being said.

Court reporters can transcribe spoken testimony using two methods. One is using a stenotype machine, a device similar to a miniature typewriter. Rather than typing letters, the stenotype machine records sounds and phonemes, utilizing fewer keys. The resulting transcript must then be converted into readable text before it can be used.

The other method court reporters use to transcribe speech is using an electronic voice recorder. This is a masklike device with a microphone mounted inside, which the court reporter speaks into. The device electronically reproduces the printout, and the mask muffles the court reporter’s voice so as not to disturb court proceedings.

A more detailed description is available at the court reporter job description page.

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