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16 Outrageous Courtroom Moments Caught on Tape

Ah, courtrooms. The last bastion of civility, decorum and justice for all…Or maybe that’s just Judge Judy. As these videos vividly show, in real life, the courtroom is a pressure cooker of anger, fear, tension and just a touch of … Continue reading

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20 Awesomely Bad Local Lawyer TV Commercials

Lawyers aren’t generally known for great taste or tact, so it’s not surprising that TV commercials for their services can be embarrassingly bad and downright sleazy. Here are some of the worst.

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Embarrassing Celebrity Family Members

The job of the celebrity is to maintain their carefully constructed image: from personal trainers to plastic surgeons, from publicists to image consultants, celebs do everything in their power to make sure they look good. But just like the rest … Continue reading

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Most Outrageous and Grueling Navy SEALS Training Exercises

Ever wonder what it takes to become a Navy SEAL? Well, listen up because you’re about to find out just how gruelingly hard it actually is. First things first candidates must pass a PST (Physical Screening Test) that will make … Continue reading

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Put Your Pants On, Louisiana

Caddo Parish in Louisiana is considering putting a ban on wearing pajama pants in public after a PJ-pant wearing patron had their junk fall out at Walmart in front of some old people. Interestingly enough this wouldn’t be the first … Continue reading

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Shortest Celebrity Marriages

Have you ever heard the term “fools rush in”? Well, in these instances the “fools” are celebrities. Let’s take a look at ten of the shortest celebrity marriages Hollywood has been privy to.

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World’s Oldest Divorcees Separate After 77 Years of Marriage

While going through an old chest of drawers in his house, a 99-year-old man discovered love letters written from his wife to another man during a secret affair in the 1940’s. Harboring a guilty conscience after all these years, the … Continue reading

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Teenage Marijuana Use on the Rise

The number of high school students smoking weed on a daily basis is at a 30-year high. Meanwhile the number of students drinking, smoking or snorting coke is on the decrease! Progress! The study, conducted by the NIH shows that … Continue reading

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Clerical Error Results in a Murder Suspect Going Free

A simple legal clerical error may end up sending a Texas murder suspect home free. Richard Mendoza Jr. was arrested in August for the murder of his teenage classmate back in 2002. But because the District Attorney’s office somehow forgot … Continue reading

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Least Intimidating Celebrity Mugshots

Not everyone who goes to jail is a hardened convict, especially when they’re celebrities…and especially when they’re these celebrities in particular. It’s safe to say these stars didn’t exactly instill fear in their cellmates when they were booked.

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