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Court Reporting School Overview

Finding the right court reporting program is easy if you know what you’re looking for.

Many court reporting schools offer a unique approach that is directly applicable to this highly specialized field, while others include it among a host of other career-oriented classes. This is not to say one style is inherently inferior to another, but it definitely pays to keep track of what your school does to provide you with a valuable, respectable court reporter education. (See our list of recommended schools.)

Most court reporters take between 12 and 24 months to become proficient in their trade. Though the bulk of your technique will be learned on the job, you should pay attention to what degree path you plan to pursue, how long your program will last, and how prepared you will be to enter the trade once you graduate. A detailed overview of training and certification is available at Court Reporter Training.

Our site will give you a glimpse into the court reporting field, and provide you with an overview of the different educational paths you can take to enter it. Deciding which school to enroll in what you want to ask the representatives is up to you.